Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dealing with Change

Dealing with Change

by Randy Gage

Know where this really comes into play? By how you deal with change…

Most people hate change. Look at the worldwide uproar every time Facebook or Empire Avenue do a little format change.

Here’s the interesting fact: If a change is seen as an ending, we usually hate it. (Losing a job, a program ends or even death.) When change is viewed as a beginning, we usually like it. (Getting a new job, discovering a new restaurant, having a baby.)

But here’s the fascinating thing about that interesting fact…

In reality, EVERY change offers both an ending and a new beginning. It is your view of the world – your perspective – that determines whether or not you see that.

Just some of you don’t know it yet. But it’s true. Every change and every challenge offers an opportunity…

If you’re looking for it. Are you?


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