Saturday, October 22, 2011

Project Pilipinas

Stages of personal transformation:

1. Seeker: One seeks for the answers to one's questions.
(questions about life, spirituality, relationships, money, health)

2. Realization: One realizes the answers through experience, studying or with a mentor.

3. Self-Actualization: One acts upon what one knows. This is true wisdom.

Most people get 'stuck' to just knowing and reading and attending seminars. They don't practice what they know or preach.

If you are having problems at work, school or business then develop yourself more. Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better. If you know drinking or smoking is bad then stop. If you know that eating too much is bad then stop. If you know throwing trash anywhere is bad then don't do it. If you know that not saving money is bad then start saving and live below your means. If you don't have money then make a way. If you know exercise,praying and meditation is good then do it. If you know you are having a hard time in social interactions and lacks the skill of social dynamics then do something about it. If you having problems handling your relationship or asking a girl out then again do something about it. Action the obvious.

God helps those who help themselves. That is God's will. You decide what to wear what to eat what to do with your life not God.

How do you know your leader is an effective leader? Look at what he does and not what he says. It's not what you say or put in your facebook/twitter status that defines you its what you do.

Knowing is not enough we must do Amazing.


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