Sunday, May 04, 2008

a kid, a boy, a man...

a kid, a boy, a man...

when i was young there was this kid i know who loves to daydream and imagine

a kid who never thought of his future, a kid who doesn't care about

tomorrow and
lives everyday of his life happy and tries to hide his sadness from

friends and family.
as this kid grew he felt he wanted to change his ways and be

mature though life didn't
wasn't fair for him to do so he continued to live with

it. He surpassed his struggles
and weaknesses and made him a boy, so this boy

continued his life, learned a lot of new
things and got a long with life. as time

passed by this boy became someone who his community
regarded as their

leader, a kuya, someone who they looked up to and turn to but sooner he was

carried away by things and was misguided, he had to stop but this boy doesn't

know where
to start, he was almost near to becoming a man but fell short

because of bad decisions
and shortcomings. He's still there somewhere beyond

the corridors of darkness
where he went to still looking for a way out... He

really wants to go back to his old ways,
his good ways w/c made the kid, the boy

and soon the man.

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