Sunday, February 24, 2008

peace offering and closure...

peace offering and closure...

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it's been a year and a couple of months already and we haven't talked to each other.
I forgot how it started and i blame myself ever since it ended. How will i save
our broken friendship? We were close and like brother and sister sayang you where like
my bestfriend an ate, i could run to lagi. If only i could turn back time and save it.
How could i ask you if i can't even get close to you? takot ata ako sa kanya. hehe..
minsan i had a conversation with her sister and all i can do is to ask her if she's ok..
what will i give her to forgive me? i'm not after anything... ano kayang peace offering
bibigay ko for her to forgive me?? i can't force her to forgive me and be ok...

she's someone i felt something for. tama b grammar ko?? hehehe.. i went too far
and she got angry at me.. i was too childish then. and after a year and a couple
of months din at last po she said we're ok and i'm happy for that at least i got her
word na were fine but not as close friends or even friends cguro. waaaa.. would like
to thank her bestfriend for helping me work out things between us at least ok na kami.
hayyyy... i saw her last friday but as expected things aren't the same anymore...
i didn't had the guts to talk to her eh ako dapat yung unang gumawa kc alangan nmang cya.
hehehe... I wish i could go forward to that day na make things better

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