Sunday, January 13, 2008

my view on Law in Science Translated into Law of Love

A Law in Science states: "Nothing is displaced UNLESS it is replaced" translated
into the Law of Love: "You fall out of love ONLY if you fall for someone else"

this message (text message) was sent by a friend of mine which made me contest the message.
hehehe. It's quite immature for me to argue or to contest text messages w/c has wrong points
or ideas(my opinion, i stand corrected...) but this one has an exception. LoL

share ko lang.

A few years ago when me and my ex girlfriend broke up rumors spread that i had someone else
to replace her(rumors spread kasi we look ok and in love with each other)
which weren't true. We fell out of love. We had little problems w/c we didn't overcame.
And as days pass by it became bigger and worse, got tired of it.

end of the share. hehehe..

my stand...

you fall out of love because you're maybe tired or hurt or or wala na talaga...
if you agree with the message above ("the law of love") you don't really love
your partner. Why? because if you really love him/her you will never look for
someone else. Gets?

just my 2cents...

if you have comments please feel free to message me or put your comments below...
i stand corrected... always...

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