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2007: me my year-end review and I.

2007: me my year-end review and I.

2007, the year that gave me one hell of a ride… Let me start by saying thank you for everyone who stood by me and rode with me this 2007 I hope I’ll still be with you guys. (x_x)

My January:

Fresh from a wonderful new year’s eve me and my cousins planned to go to EK (enchanted kingdom). We were like kids planning the said outing. Hehehe As we go to ek if I can still remember we were riding a rented crosswind and the driver was listening to this radio station with this annoying radio dj who gives stupid advices (give your love one a pot of soil kinda stuff) to callers. Continuing my blog we had fun that day I had the whole trip in videos and in photos. As days passed by I had to go back to school but I had this irritating problem with my ears w/c made me dizzy for several days. My dad fetched me after a couple of days of complaining and brought me first in casino Filipino in Tagaytay where my cousins were playing. At the casino, my titos and titas where playing and spending a lot. All we can do (me and my 2 cousins) is to eat and to eat because we don’t know how to play those slots and cards. After that we went to Densio’s in tagaytay and went back home. After a few more days we heard very, very sad news. My lola Chonet, my most favorite lola passed away. It was very hard for me because she was my closest lola. As I look at her I can’t stop my tears falling down my eyes it was the very first time I cried over a someone who passed away. After a few more days the Linkers Club held its last outing for the school year 2006-07 and clearly we had fun. I also remembered we started to have our practices for Les Miserables, a play w/c I’m a character actor.

My February:

The Les Miserables’ practices were awful for me at first, it was like our major subject that we need to focus on to and strive hard on practices. My perception changed as time went by. The people (cast, production staff, props men, mam OT and sir Elrey) were getting their grooves on. We had shortcomings as a group and if I can still remember mam OT asked me to sit on a chair and commanded the group to lift me up. I was scared but when I saw everyone was giving their all carrying me I saw unity in us w/c made us stronger as days pass by. I also had problems going to my class’s w/c later I felt the effect of it due to laziness to go to class because of lack of sleep. Ahhh February pla is the Love month, hehehe. Had no date w/c was good no one to spend my money on.. (toink!!!) Nga pla our information system that we were doing had a lot of problems w/c made us panic big time. Hehehe.. Luckily Ang lufet tlgang ni Tinay… I felt sometimes that I’m the burden of my group w/c makes me hate myself a lot.

My March:

As days pass by my hopeless self was still hoping I could graduate. (DUH?!?) I had a couple of attempts to correct my failures and be back on track but its way too late for me to bounce back. The Les Miserables Play was staged na din. First Night I was the first one who people will see on stage mam OT told me my scene will bring emotion and power to the play so I did my part. Hehehe.. Thank God I pulled things through though some of my props weren’t on the stage I did some adlibs and whew! I got through!!! After the play sir Elrey praised me for having presence of mind on stage w/c other actors/actresses can’t do. I was really happy then and we had a couple more plays. Les Miserables was a success!!! Every success will give you struggle w/c pulled me down in my own grave… We defended our thesis w/c got through as expected. Hehehe.. Thank God!!! Bad news I talked to my dept chair and he told me I couldn’t make it. My mom helped me talking to my dept chair even to our college dean but it was really too late for me. They gave me a chance to take all the quizzes and exams I didn’t took but it was like fighting against time… My nanay (my dad’s mom my grandma) my auntie josie and my other relatives were waiting for me to graduate and march but sadly i don’t know if I can still can…

My April:

Graduation weekend, I was still fighting for dear life but as Sunday came, the day of graduation my dept chair whatever I do I can’t graduate. I failed a lot of people I failed my parents, relatives, co majors, friends and myself it was like hell for me. I cried and I felt that I’m broken into pieces… I went back to my uncle’s house and tried not to talk to anyone because I didn’t had the face to look at the people around me. My auntie Josie told me it was going to be ok but it was not that easy. My mom was really frustrated at me and I wanted to break free from myself. That day I heard a song by Daughtry entitled “Home” it helped me relaxing that day. As we went home to Imus I decided to help my auntie Josie with the Crusade In Alapan, a barangay here in Imus. Dan (Ukorah-Kaoru) joined us here in Imus. He also joined the crusade.

My May:

We had a swimming before my auntie josie left for the states. It was really relaxing and enjoying at the same time. Before my auntie Josie went to back to the states she gave me her laptop w/c i felt that I don’t deserve. I went back to aup to enroll and still felt bad for what I did. I saw a couple of friends w/c gave me hope studying again.

My June:

I started going back to class’s w/c is kind of awkward for me. At computer science dept there was a lot of talk about who will be the next president w/c I felt bitter because I had my time being the president but didn’t do my best. The first forum came and I was voted and elected to become the president of my department. At first I was afraid that i might fail again but as I asked if the officers can have a bonding session together w/c was a blast things changed. The session was very tiring hehehe.. games and sessions made us bond that strong. And I heard that an officer will transfer to another school by the next semester. At school I tried not to be absent nor lazy at class I learned my lesson already I don’t want to fall again.

My July:

The officers prepared for our acquaintance and made it really enjoyable. Hehehe… Buti n lng may ice cream w/c the members where all targeting. One time a couple of officers (ladies) had this idea of having their own bonding session in Paseo. They tagged Allan in and so the others were jealous because they were not invited to join. On that day I really needed to talk to Allan and so I was forced to asked the girls if I can join them because I really need to talk to Allan about something I forgot na. hehehe. The session was all fun and laughter and a couple of sad stories w/c for me was ok. I learned a lot from that session what kind of people they were and where they came from. And from that session I learned the reasons why that officer whom I became close to will transfer to another school i. It was early na in the morning and I decided we must rest na in my place luckily kuya vic and the others were still awake… the next morning I introduced them prison break and lended equih my prison break season 1 dvd. Me and the officers started talking about the retreat w/c we feel we’re out of time. That July I asked my tita bok if I can have a video of my relatives in the states greeting my mom a happy birthday and she told her why not throw her na lang a birthday bash.

My August:

Me and my officers where having problems when will we go to Sariaya and survey places we can go to for our retreats. And so when we had the time we were lucky to got into a place my mom’s knows the owner. Hehehe.. We decided to get the place na and went back to AUP to regroup and plan for the retreat… I had a couple of problems that august because my health was going up and down n naman but luckily I pushed through. My mom’s birthday plan was going through na din we separated things to do (me and my cousins). Ate Arah looked for a venue w/c suits the said event and Poging was in charge with the sound photo video systems and invitation w/c didn’t materialize because some of circumstances w/c we cant stop. Me and my sister were in charge of looking for guests my mom would like to see on her 50th birthday.

My September:

The month that I’ve been waiting for is here. The retreat was great and it exceeded our expectations w/c made the group more closely together. The place was great the activities were awesome the officers rock their worlds and the profs joined every single activity. After the retreat those who didn’t joined the retreat were asking if there’s a retreat this second semester. Hehehe. Sorry guys tuwing first sem lang. People were talking about the retreat and from there we know it was a success. People were asking what activities are in store for the 2nd semester and we were like pahinga lang muna kayo. Hehehe.. aba its hard to plan and execute events. Hehehe.
I invited the officers to attend my mom’s birthday and so they were willing and happy. Hehehe. That week I was smelling something ode that might happen I was looking for people but they were not around. So gusto ko nang umuwi nun but some of the officers doesn’t want me to go home yet. They asked if we could stay sa dept and have kwentuhan doon. So I was ok with that idea and got into their trap. Hehehe I was surprised that they throwed me a birthday party sa dept. hehehe. My heart felt very happy because though I felt something gonna happen I didn’t thought it was that big nor that great… if I could just show them how happy I am yun nga lang mawawala ang poise ni kuya GeM. Hehehe. It was my best birthday party ever. And as a few day went by and my real birthday came I had a little celebration with a couple of highschool friends and the next day is my mom’s bday and my mom felt different and awkward during that day w/c alarmed us preparing for her party. hehehe.. Someone txtd her if her party is lunch or dinner. PATAY!!! Hehehehe. And so the party came my mom was still surprise to see people she haven’t seen in a couple of years. After the party me and the officers went to Volets to have our overnight swimming. That month was my favorite month of the year. Hehehe…

My October:

Finals were coming and things will end soon. And so a had a friend who is close to me who had this feelings for this friend of mine who’s leaving for another school w/c I blogged about just look for it hehehe. And finals came and we did our jobs some us fell short but God’s hands are longer and is there to help us in every way. And after the finals we had our last bonding session for first semester and also a goodbye to our friend w/c is dear to us.

My November:

Finally, I got a job as an/a systems engineer in a bank. Hehehe I’m happy that I have work but still I’m not yet finished with school yet I still need to finish my requirements before march and so I was still doing it till now. The officers were planning to have a couple of events this second semester w/c are still secrets to our members. The most awaited Linkers T-shirt has arrived and I got one na. hehehe
If you haven’t ordered order one today. Anyway, Regarding other things that month I remembered my cousin telling me something (secret toink!!!)

My December

As my December ends today I look back to what happened this month. I joined the production staff of a stage play at school. My lolo Domeng died last December 26th. I’m busy typing and thinking what might my year ender might look like. Hehehe. And im busy reading the script and thinking if I should go to my tkd reunion later. Hehehe. I didn’t attend our tkd reunion. Hehehe.. I was so late na… sori Madi !!! I was with Honeybelle nung 31 in lotus buying food. Hehehe Malapit na mag 12. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! GOD BLESS US ALL… Me Myself and I…

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