Sunday, December 09, 2007

my aup linkers club officers n adviser(2007-08) short descriptions

my aup linkers club officers n adviser(2007-08) short descriptions

and our adviser
describe ko cla... in my shortest ways.. hehehe

sir zam- one of the coolest people i know he's willing to help us and be a part of us
this was the first year we had an active adviser yet again he's one of the best.

allan - a great friend, he's someone you can depend on when you have a tons of problems
makulet sometimes funny and he's also a great leader and great programmer.

oden - malakas personality/dating. nakakatuwa tumawa c oden. she's has this thing
which i like about her she doesnt quit until she makes things better.

equih - my sister, she really looks astig but when you became friends wid her
ur going to see her soft side. malakas mangasar tong batang to pero nde nkakaasar.

yann - the youngest among us... mkulet pasaway pero mbait. well maybe i dont
know her that much yet pero she's willing to work with us. ok yun.

jade - c jedilen... makulet mabait pazaway ano p b? maybe cya yng kclose kng girl
n officer mliban s kptid ko. ano p b? malakas yng boses minsan.

faith - c fati-ma ay prang c jedilen din oen thing i like about faith is she has this
thing na sobrang msaya ksama at minsan kausap. doble doble mag txt.

jedd - a prodigy... maybe a lot will comment on this pero i see him differently. save the
pio, save the world... he's like my brother who likes my sister. hehehe. pazaway mkulet
msarap ksama.

davo - isa s mga pnka mcpag n taong nkita ko some people doesnt like him but i like the
way he does things not always pero he's willing to help for the best.

liezl - well as of late k lng nkkausap c liezl.. mtlino tong batang to. thmik lng cya
pero like the other's she willing to help us for the best.

kuya eduard- the eldest among us. the long speeches of kua eduard will be remembered
mkulet pazaway but willing to help us for the best..

now you know... generally what i like with the officers this year is we are willing
to help, work, sacrifice,serve, do our best for the linkers club. we still 3 months
together left we will do our best to rock your world...

and also we have added people on our roster

davis - our new associate secretary... im sure he can help us with what we need to do

ken and herschelle - i personally made them the freshmen representatives. they will
gonna be the voice of the freshmen and i hope they can also
help us with what we need to do.

ralph - i know he can help and he's like the freshmen reps he will be the voice of
the common cs peeps around and will also going to help us with what we need to.

i hope we can make things better if not the best for all of us... in behalf of the
linkers club president... may we rock there worlds... thank you and God bless..

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