Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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10:00 Wow what a wonderful day it is but there's something that's not very wonderful...
I'm sick as always... It gives me a lot of trouble when i'm sick. Before i used to think
i just wish i can be sickly way back in highschool but nevertheless i want to be sick free
arrrgghhh... if only... I'm here in imus right now enjoying my own vacation that will
span for a couple of days. resting, going online, surfing the net and downloading my fave
tv series' (prison break n heroes hehehe) chit chatting with my sister and some of my friends
. yesterday i was happy to go online and found out a couple of my highschool friends where
online. Deray tagged me in the conference room and i'm so glad that i accepted it. hehehe bringing back those days when i was still young and happy (i'm still happy though im not that young anymore hehehe). and i one more thing. i would like to greet my dearly beloved friend
ms. sherrie dianne elizalde a happy birthday. may you have more birthdays to come. hehehe.
I also had a chit chat with my cousin, honey coz i saw her profile in friendster w/c sez
in a relationship i was surprised so i called her up and asked her if that was true and she
told me that's just a front shes using coz there's a lot of guys who wants to court her and
so it is. hehehe. hmmmm.. i had time txting wid some friends last night wid charice w/c
she told me that she misses me (i really think she needs help with something hehehe smallville?
antivirus? love? hehehe joke lng ate cha peace lapit na birthday nyan LIBRE) and who else
wid jade (she slept w/o making any gudnyt or replies) faith (she was sleepy hehehe) and
aizza (who also slept w/o any gudnyt or replies) lucky me... hehehe... So ryt now im blogging
without nothing to do. my mom calls me to drink some stuff for me to feel better. hehehe. brb.
Im back hehehe my mom gave me some meds to drink and to swallow. some of it was ok lng some was way off. hehehe... im going to watch na later prison break and heroes im just transfering it to my dad's flash drive. hehehe.. 10:29 na. hehehe.got to go...

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