Thursday, November 08, 2007

absolute sadness

absolute sadness

ako naman babanat !!!

when you met your special someone would you like to be far from her?

would you allow yourself to be sad that she's gone? a great friend

of mine met his special someone a little bit too little too late.

They have known each other for a year and a half. he used to just

take her for granted (if i may say) she's just his ordinary friend that

he used to make fun sometimes (my observation hehehe). That girl who is

also a great friend of mine became my sister at school and we know that

she will likely leave us and transfer to another school somewhere

around ceu (hehehehe). and that boy also became my little brother. we

tease them about themselves sometimes but we didnt know that sooner

that guy fell for that girl. Soon that guy made everything and i mean

everything to make that girl happy but as planned that girl was set on

transferring to that school around ceu. (hehehe) so at first that guy

was ok lng with that. soon (this november) i felt something different

he became sad. and to tell you the truth it makes us all sad that she's

gone but that guy was way sadder than us. he told me that when he often

sees a place that became memorable for them he just stops at natutulala

and things just flash him by. i can feel his sadness and i think he

likes to see her and mybe that would stop those sad feelings he feels.

i make fun of him (me and my other room mate) but personally i had

those feelings way back. i always tell him "wag kang susuko kc d kita

susukuan" just to remind him not to fall down or fall back. i know he

can pass this absolute sadness. he's still there holding on. hehehe.

and that sister of mine, she still there somewhere. i HOPE they'll end

up with each other to make absolute happiness... (0-0) As for last

night he was smiling a little bit coz our ethics rocked our day hehehe

and someone rocked him too. whatever happened its a big secret. hehehe

I know he doesnt want to be helped out but last night i really thought

i should make a way to make him happy (and i hope i made him and that

girl happy din. hehehe) we should be happy... Finally Holding on into

something will take us nowhere we need a purpose to what we are holding

on so that makes us grip to that thing harder and firmer. kaya to that

guy tol whatever happens wag kng susuko kc d k nmin susukuan and to

that girl ingat ka dyan lagi and dont be sad were still here for you.

lapit lng ng aup at school mo. hehehe.. Sadness will always be

overpowered by happiness you just need to do it.

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