Thursday, May 10, 2007

magic 899 from boogie/spooky nights to boys night out

Few Years back when i was still in highschool (2nd year

(2000)) i remembered my bestfriend (Raph/kiko/francis) told me

about a radio show from 899 magic that's really funny,

witty,naught and hilarious. He said it was called Boogie

Nights and the Dj's where really great.i was hesistant coz i

was an rx 931 fan. One time my bestfriend called me around 9

and told me to listen to it. So i did... I was amazed on how

they run the show... King Dj Logan/Brando Braganza and Slick

Rick where realy awesome (radio tabloid) and since then i

became a fan of them. Magic's really good in making us listen

to them. before my highschool ended i stopped listening to

them coz i was so busy working with my things at school. When

i started college i had to live in the dorm coz its far from

my house i tried to listen to them at night but to my awe they

where gone at night. one morning when i was getting ready for

school i turned on my radio and to my alas Brando Braganza was

talking to sam (traffic reporter of i was happy

and told my roommates about it for the longest time me and my

roommates where listening to the morning zoo crew. logan slick

tetta joe and of course the ever famous radio tabloid. it was

fun all the way i like the way logan bash at other radio dj's

who hates him. hehehe... after a while of busyness me and my

roommates tried not to listen for a while but when we had a

chance to listen to them again they where gone. i was telling

myself why did they removed the show and logan was also fired/

went away. i saw logan on pba and on solar sports tetta became

a entertainment reporter for boom gonzales joe was with mo and

andi 9 which later took off and replace by maui and slick with

toni tony. i found logan's myspace account and tried sending

him a msg but he didnt repllied back. one morning i had no

class so i listened to mo's show to my surprise it was logan

hehehe... the king is back loaded with ammos. the show was

great the morning zoo crew by that time on fun and greatness

came back. later logan joined slick rick and toni tony's

boysnightout and till now they're doing great... may the

radio gods/boysnightout continue to make people happy despite

of all the criticism of other people. as logan always says

before they go off air, May God bless you all...

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