Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's been a while...

After a while of busyness failures dissapointments sadness hate frustrations and self redefinement i'm back and i hope i can be me
again. For those of you who didn't saw me march at the graduation (hehehe) i didn't graduate. It's all my fault and i suffered from all the consequences i did.
I havent been myself as of late. I'm full of frustrations and dissapointments. I
never thought i can bounce back from all of these though i'm not yet fully recovered i know God is with me. I still need to finish everything i left undone and start it all over again. I wish my lola chonet is here today. she's the closest
lola i had i miss her. I would like to say thnks to every single person who helped mold me to become who i am today. My auntie josie who has patience on me. hehehe she gaved me my new laptop w/c she says her graduation gift for me. I've wasted a lot of time... going to my 5th year in college. wow. I'm b

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