Monday, April 30, 2007

me my vista and i... part 1

I'm proud to say that i'm a proud owner of an Original Windows Vista (on my new laptop(w/c till now i dont deserve for not graduation)) though Beryl will beat the crap out of it soon. (GO LINUX)... I havent used it that much coz i still stick with my desktop using Windows XP (don't ask me if its an original or pirated. hehehe) im still ok with it. Vista's very big and needs a lot of memory but i like the aero so much and office live 07. by the way it's home premium. Vista comes with two mechanisms that effectively reduce the time required to launch popular applications: SuperFetch analyzes your behavior and proactively puts applications into available main memory, so they can be launched quicker. Of course this requires as much main memory as possible, which is where the second feature engages: ReadyBoost allows expanding the main memory size by plugging in a USB 2.0 Flash drive. Although the data transfer performance of USB 2.0 devices cannot compete with modern hard drives, access times for Flash memory are literally nonexistent, making these devices a nice and particularly cheap choice. The key feature of the Premium edition is the Windows Media Center. You will also notice that the specification for this edition includes a mention of the Aero Graphics interface.Nice... I hope this will help u.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's been a while...

After a while of busyness failures dissapointments sadness hate frustrations and self redefinement i'm back and i hope i can be me
again. For those of you who didn't saw me march at the graduation (hehehe) i didn't graduate. It's all my fault and i suffered from all the consequences i did.
I havent been myself as of late. I'm full of frustrations and dissapointments. I
never thought i can bounce back from all of these though i'm not yet fully recovered i know God is with me. I still need to finish everything i left undone and start it all over again. I wish my lola chonet is here today. she's the closest
lola i had i miss her. I would like to say thnks to every single person who helped mold me to become who i am today. My auntie josie who has patience on me. hehehe she gaved me my new laptop w/c she says her graduation gift for me. I've wasted a lot of time... going to my 5th year in college. wow. I'm b