Sunday, February 04, 2007


Just what ive blogged before there's also that .dll.vbs file on your windows\system32 and
windows that you should also delete... And an info TAGA LIPA ARE will stick in your IE even
if youre gonna erase the .vbs file so this is what you'll gonna do edit the .vbs file
if you know how to program the better if not open the .vbs program and change the
TAGA LIPA ARE to whatever you want exmple TAGA INDO ARE... the code actually
makes your IE put TAGA LIPA ARE on top of it. Then delete after u finish editing it.
The blog i made b4 there's how to delete it. On these coming days i'll dig it up so
i can tell you what it does and what it really crashes other than the autoplay thingy.

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