Tuesday, February 06, 2007


i would like to help you... u need to unhidden all your

hidden files. its basically on your C:, C:\windows and

C:\windows\system32\ but the problem with the

Trojan it changes its name a lot. the filename i got is

fs6519.dll.vbs and you need to also delete

autorun.inf in those 3 directories ( C:, C:\windows and

C:\windows\system32\). after deleting it from there

you need to open your registry. start>run>regedit>

and find this


there are 2 files in there if there's 3 delete the last

one. mine is like fs6519 something. after doing that

got to start>run>msconfig> in msconfig click

startup. click disable all for your safety(if you like

apps to run in your start up its ok u can do that next

time you open ur pc )... then ok... u will see if its

gone (the tojan) if your gonna right click your C:

if there's no autoplay its ok if there is. jsut try to do it

again. avg avast norton doesnt have a cure for this

yet. anti vir sees it but cant totally remove it. (coz it

keeps on coming back)

remember the taga lipa are will not be deleted from the

top of your IE if you want to change it u can but its

another story its like this simple but way complicated to

do edit the .vbs file...

if you have questions email me (neilgempalad at gmail dat com)

or private message me here

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