Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beware: autoplay on your Localdisks

Lets talk straight about this my professor (sir Shem) just told us last Tuesday he got this new virus that has an Autoplay on your localdisks when you right click it."TAGA LIPA ARE" if you click the Autoplay the virus will spread inside your localdisk and the Autoplay option will be in all options. I thought of being safe from viruses and ad aware and spyware. LoLz somewhat i've encountered it last year i just forgot what month but not that virus maybe a variant of what it is now. yesterday my uncle asked me if he can use my pc coz there pc broke down. I went to my Les Miserables practice in AUP. My other friends who are also linkers (VON ALLAN KUYA EDWARD) and i where talking about the new virus sir Shem and Jan had. After the practice was finished i went straight at home. To my dismay i have the same Autoplay on my Localdisk i was furious about it not knowing what to do. i asked my uncle if he used his flashdrive. He said yes and my next question was where did you inserted your flash before putting it on my pc he told me that he used it in EDUCATION BLDG. i was really frustrated and dont know what to do. i've changed my anti virus and spyware/adaware removers but nothing happened at all. so i decide to sleep. earlier this morning i woke up and tried to fix it. i saw a .vbs file on C: which made me think about it. fs6519.dll.vbs that's the file name i asked sir shem to what to do but he told me that i can do it. so i know it was sir shem's mind games and challenge so i figured it out if i could delete the autorun.inf and fs6519.dll.vbs on all your localdrives (by the way those 2 files are hidden)and also in registry(type cmd then type regedit) and find it (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run) when found delete it and disable it in the msconfig (fs6519 leave the checkbox unchecked). so i did it and i restarted my pc and to my delight it was ok... (you can use the normal mode or safe mode in doing the removal)... I hope this can help..

i havent blog yet about what happened to me... soon...

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