Sunday, December 09, 2007

my aup linkers club officers n adviser(2007-08) short descriptions

my aup linkers club officers n adviser(2007-08) short descriptions

and our adviser
describe ko cla... in my shortest ways.. hehehe

sir zam- one of the coolest people i know he's willing to help us and be a part of us
this was the first year we had an active adviser yet again he's one of the best.

allan - a great friend, he's someone you can depend on when you have a tons of problems
makulet sometimes funny and he's also a great leader and great programmer.

oden - malakas personality/dating. nakakatuwa tumawa c oden. she's has this thing
which i like about her she doesnt quit until she makes things better.

equih - my sister, she really looks astig but when you became friends wid her
ur going to see her soft side. malakas mangasar tong batang to pero nde nkakaasar.

yann - the youngest among us... mkulet pasaway pero mbait. well maybe i dont
know her that much yet pero she's willing to work with us. ok yun.

jade - c jedilen... makulet mabait pazaway ano p b? maybe cya yng kclose kng girl
n officer mliban s kptid ko. ano p b? malakas yng boses minsan.

faith - c fati-ma ay prang c jedilen din oen thing i like about faith is she has this
thing na sobrang msaya ksama at minsan kausap. doble doble mag txt.

jedd - a prodigy... maybe a lot will comment on this pero i see him differently. save the
pio, save the world... he's like my brother who likes my sister. hehehe. pazaway mkulet
msarap ksama.

davo - isa s mga pnka mcpag n taong nkita ko some people doesnt like him but i like the
way he does things not always pero he's willing to help for the best.

liezl - well as of late k lng nkkausap c liezl.. mtlino tong batang to. thmik lng cya
pero like the other's she willing to help us for the best.

kuya eduard- the eldest among us. the long speeches of kua eduard will be remembered
mkulet pazaway but willing to help us for the best..

now you know... generally what i like with the officers this year is we are willing
to help, work, sacrifice,serve, do our best for the linkers club. we still 3 months
together left we will do our best to rock your world...

and also we have added people on our roster

davis - our new associate secretary... im sure he can help us with what we need to do

ken and herschelle - i personally made them the freshmen representatives. they will
gonna be the voice of the freshmen and i hope they can also
help us with what we need to do.

ralph - i know he can help and he's like the freshmen reps he will be the voice of
the common cs peeps around and will also going to help us with what we need to.

i hope we can make things better if not the best for all of us... in behalf of the
linkers club president... may we rock there worlds... thank you and God bless..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

blog for nov 12 to nov 14 till 10:30

10:00 Wow what a wonderful day it is but there's something that's not very wonderful...
I'm sick as always... It gives me a lot of trouble when i'm sick. Before i used to think
i just wish i can be sickly way back in highschool but nevertheless i want to be sick free
arrrgghhh... if only... I'm here in imus right now enjoying my own vacation that will
span for a couple of days. resting, going online, surfing the net and downloading my fave
tv series' (prison break n heroes hehehe) chit chatting with my sister and some of my friends
. yesterday i was happy to go online and found out a couple of my highschool friends where
online. Deray tagged me in the conference room and i'm so glad that i accepted it. hehehe bringing back those days when i was still young and happy (i'm still happy though im not that young anymore hehehe). and i one more thing. i would like to greet my dearly beloved friend
ms. sherrie dianne elizalde a happy birthday. may you have more birthdays to come. hehehe.
I also had a chit chat with my cousin, honey coz i saw her profile in friendster w/c sez
in a relationship i was surprised so i called her up and asked her if that was true and she
told me that's just a front shes using coz there's a lot of guys who wants to court her and
so it is. hehehe. hmmmm.. i had time txting wid some friends last night wid charice w/c
she told me that she misses me (i really think she needs help with something hehehe smallville?
antivirus? love? hehehe joke lng ate cha peace lapit na birthday nyan LIBRE) and who else
wid jade (she slept w/o making any gudnyt or replies) faith (she was sleepy hehehe) and
aizza (who also slept w/o any gudnyt or replies) lucky me... hehehe... So ryt now im blogging
without nothing to do. my mom calls me to drink some stuff for me to feel better. hehehe. brb.
Im back hehehe my mom gave me some meds to drink and to swallow. some of it was ok lng some was way off. hehehe... im going to watch na later prison break and heroes im just transfering it to my dad's flash drive. hehehe.. 10:29 na. to go...

Friday, November 09, 2007

my views...

my views...

since when did i have the right to say i want to say? my views are just my views it can be right and be wrong. i stand to be corrected and to be blamed from whatever i said w/c could or directly hurt you. Words are like double edged swords w/c cuts not only the eyes of the reader and slashes out their souls. I would like to ask sorry if i have hurted people with my views and would like to thank those i have helped with.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

absolute sadness

absolute sadness

ako naman babanat !!!

when you met your special someone would you like to be far from her?

would you allow yourself to be sad that she's gone? a great friend

of mine met his special someone a little bit too little too late.

They have known each other for a year and a half. he used to just

take her for granted (if i may say) she's just his ordinary friend that

he used to make fun sometimes (my observation hehehe). That girl who is

also a great friend of mine became my sister at school and we know that

she will likely leave us and transfer to another school somewhere

around ceu (hehehehe). and that boy also became my little brother. we

tease them about themselves sometimes but we didnt know that sooner

that guy fell for that girl. Soon that guy made everything and i mean

everything to make that girl happy but as planned that girl was set on

transferring to that school around ceu. (hehehe) so at first that guy

was ok lng with that. soon (this november) i felt something different

he became sad. and to tell you the truth it makes us all sad that she's

gone but that guy was way sadder than us. he told me that when he often

sees a place that became memorable for them he just stops at natutulala

and things just flash him by. i can feel his sadness and i think he

likes to see her and mybe that would stop those sad feelings he feels.

i make fun of him (me and my other room mate) but personally i had

those feelings way back. i always tell him "wag kang susuko kc d kita

susukuan" just to remind him not to fall down or fall back. i know he

can pass this absolute sadness. he's still there holding on. hehehe.

and that sister of mine, she still there somewhere. i HOPE they'll end

up with each other to make absolute happiness... (0-0) As for last

night he was smiling a little bit coz our ethics rocked our day hehehe

and someone rocked him too. whatever happened its a big secret. hehehe

I know he doesnt want to be helped out but last night i really thought

i should make a way to make him happy (and i hope i made him and that

girl happy din. hehehe) we should be happy... Finally Holding on into

something will take us nowhere we need a purpose to what we are holding

on so that makes us grip to that thing harder and firmer. kaya to that

guy tol whatever happens wag kng susuko kc d k nmin susukuan and to

that girl ingat ka dyan lagi and dont be sad were still here for you.

lapit lng ng aup at school mo. hehehe.. Sadness will always be

overpowered by happiness you just need to do it.

Thursday, November 01, 2007



i've been helping a lot of people and for that i'm happy but i felt this awkward feelings a few days back w/c made me think of things that made me sad and depressed. when was the last time i helped myself ?? maybe i've been too kind to others and not too kind to myself... mgulo noh?? hehehe.. anyweiz... ive been sad for a couple of days na din... i know why. but i jst cant release it out of me.hehehe hirap po kc... but i know its never really over... cguro its hard for you to understand, you cant relate hehehehe... ive been quiet and safe about myself... ako lng mkkaintindi ng mga writtings ko. hehehe.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goodbye eQuih

Goodbye eQuih

As time has changed and seasons have past

We've developed a bond we hope forever may last.

As we say goodbye to you our friendly dear

We try to hold back those overpowering tears.

We remember those time that seem so long ago

As we grew together through highs and lows.

We knew this day would eventually be here

But had no idea of its overwhelming fear.

As we bid goodbye and try not to cry

We love you and as you go now and fly

Always remember that you have here a family

That will always welcome you back dearly.

Monday, September 24, 2007

my birthday wish list

i wish i could be someone who could do what's right
i wish i could be someone who will be right for her
i wish i could make her happy by being her friend
i wish i could stay silent as i am now about my feelings
i wish i could be someone who my parents delight about
i wish i could live longer than they expect me to live
i wish i could serve and praise HIM thee with my all
I wish i wouldn't be as lazy as i am nowadays
i wish i am happy though I'm always crying inside
i wish i can serve my department and my school much better
i wish i can graduate this school year though i have problems
i wish i can help more people to make them happy
i wish i can make people happy
i wish i can have with my old friends i had troubled with
i wish i can be Michael Scofield, so firm and tough in times of trouble
i wish i can grow more spiritually and help my church grow with me
i wish i could be more mature and patient in the years to come
i wish i can have a simple birthday alone

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i hate being sick!!!

it's always been my own downfall ever since i got an accident years back. im very vulnerable to diseases w/c i blame myself for. my grades will go down and i want to graduate na. i cant help myself from stopping from getting sick.

Monday, July 30, 2007

love-less part 1 (just my 2 cents)

have you ever felt loveless??? allan (a great friend of mine) was with me earlier he asked me about why do i don't have anyone to love... the same question was asked by steph (jade's friend) maybe on a different way but the essence was the same. Both of those questions i answered with smiles and "defensive" comments. hehehe... I know for myself that till now i'm in denial... loveless??? yeah maybe but i still do love them the Platonic way. hehehe. Im scared that's all... what??? a guy like me scared??? of course... im a human being afraid of what may happen.. my mom thinks that i became different (doesnt want to have someone anymore hehehe) after i broke up with my ex 3 years ago. Yes i am different i grow, we grow everyday. but still the question still lie there. have you ever felt loveless??? secret... when will you be in love? time will tell and God will be there. just my 2 cents...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Neil Gem Palad

i'll do everything i can
i'll do whatever it takes
i may not be the best
i may not be the greatest
i may not be the one
i'm just me myself and i.

Neil Gem Palad

Monday, May 21, 2007

behind my smile

behind my smile
i hide all the pain in me
people see me happy
but they don't know
how sad i am...
frustrated to the mere fact
i almost died from depression
moving forward is a must but
my life is broken and i cant
put back the pieces that
are scattered coz i dont know
where to start

Thursday, May 10, 2007

magic 899 from boogie/spooky nights to boys night out

Few Years back when i was still in highschool (2nd year

(2000)) i remembered my bestfriend (Raph/kiko/francis) told me

about a radio show from 899 magic that's really funny,

witty,naught and hilarious. He said it was called Boogie

Nights and the Dj's where really great.i was hesistant coz i

was an rx 931 fan. One time my bestfriend called me around 9

and told me to listen to it. So i did... I was amazed on how

they run the show... King Dj Logan/Brando Braganza and Slick

Rick where realy awesome (radio tabloid) and since then i

became a fan of them. Magic's really good in making us listen

to them. before my highschool ended i stopped listening to

them coz i was so busy working with my things at school. When

i started college i had to live in the dorm coz its far from

my house i tried to listen to them at night but to my awe they

where gone at night. one morning when i was getting ready for

school i turned on my radio and to my alas Brando Braganza was

talking to sam (traffic reporter of i was happy

and told my roommates about it for the longest time me and my

roommates where listening to the morning zoo crew. logan slick

tetta joe and of course the ever famous radio tabloid. it was

fun all the way i like the way logan bash at other radio dj's

who hates him. hehehe... after a while of busyness me and my

roommates tried not to listen for a while but when we had a

chance to listen to them again they where gone. i was telling

myself why did they removed the show and logan was also fired/

went away. i saw logan on pba and on solar sports tetta became

a entertainment reporter for boom gonzales joe was with mo and

andi 9 which later took off and replace by maui and slick with

toni tony. i found logan's myspace account and tried sending

him a msg but he didnt repllied back. one morning i had no

class so i listened to mo's show to my surprise it was logan

hehehe... the king is back loaded with ammos. the show was

great the morning zoo crew by that time on fun and greatness

came back. later logan joined slick rick and toni tony's

boysnightout and till now they're doing great... may the

radio gods/boysnightout continue to make people happy despite

of all the criticism of other people. as logan always says

before they go off air, May God bless you all...

Monday, April 30, 2007

me my vista and i... part 1

I'm proud to say that i'm a proud owner of an Original Windows Vista (on my new laptop(w/c till now i dont deserve for not graduation)) though Beryl will beat the crap out of it soon. (GO LINUX)... I havent used it that much coz i still stick with my desktop using Windows XP (don't ask me if its an original or pirated. hehehe) im still ok with it. Vista's very big and needs a lot of memory but i like the aero so much and office live 07. by the way it's home premium. Vista comes with two mechanisms that effectively reduce the time required to launch popular applications: SuperFetch analyzes your behavior and proactively puts applications into available main memory, so they can be launched quicker. Of course this requires as much main memory as possible, which is where the second feature engages: ReadyBoost allows expanding the main memory size by plugging in a USB 2.0 Flash drive. Although the data transfer performance of USB 2.0 devices cannot compete with modern hard drives, access times for Flash memory are literally nonexistent, making these devices a nice and particularly cheap choice. The key feature of the Premium edition is the Windows Media Center. You will also notice that the specification for this edition includes a mention of the Aero Graphics interface.Nice... I hope this will help u.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's been a while...

After a while of busyness failures dissapointments sadness hate frustrations and self redefinement i'm back and i hope i can be me
again. For those of you who didn't saw me march at the graduation (hehehe) i didn't graduate. It's all my fault and i suffered from all the consequences i did.
I havent been myself as of late. I'm full of frustrations and dissapointments. I
never thought i can bounce back from all of these though i'm not yet fully recovered i know God is with me. I still need to finish everything i left undone and start it all over again. I wish my lola chonet is here today. she's the closest
lola i had i miss her. I would like to say thnks to every single person who helped mold me to become who i am today. My auntie josie who has patience on me. hehehe she gaved me my new laptop w/c she says her graduation gift for me. I've wasted a lot of time... going to my 5th year in college. wow. I'm b

Monday, February 26, 2007

antidote for taga lipa are

hope this can help all your problems...

Monday, February 19, 2007

removing the taga lipa string in your IE title bar

look for this in the registry... (start>run>regedit)

and look for Window Title and the "taga lipa are" string is there then right click the
Window Title click modify and then delete the "taga lipa are" string then click ok.
after editing the registry restart your IE...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


i would like to help you... u need to unhidden all your

hidden files. its basically on your C:, C:\windows and

C:\windows\system32\ but the problem with the

Trojan it changes its name a lot. the filename i got is

fs6519.dll.vbs and you need to also delete

autorun.inf in those 3 directories ( C:, C:\windows and

C:\windows\system32\). after deleting it from there

you need to open your registry. start>run>regedit>

and find this


there are 2 files in there if there's 3 delete the last

one. mine is like fs6519 something. after doing that

got to start>run>msconfig> in msconfig click

startup. click disable all for your safety(if you like

apps to run in your start up its ok u can do that next

time you open ur pc )... then ok... u will see if its

gone (the tojan) if your gonna right click your C:

if there's no autoplay its ok if there is. jsut try to do it

again. avg avast norton doesnt have a cure for this

yet. anti vir sees it but cant totally remove it. (coz it

keeps on coming back)

remember the taga lipa are will not be deleted from the

top of your IE if you want to change it u can but its

another story its like this simple but way complicated to

do edit the .vbs file...

if you have questions email me (neilgempalad at gmail dat com)

or private message me here

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Just what ive blogged before there's also that .dll.vbs file on your windows\system32 and
windows that you should also delete... And an info TAGA LIPA ARE will stick in your IE even
if youre gonna erase the .vbs file so this is what you'll gonna do edit the .vbs file
if you know how to program the better if not open the .vbs program and change the
TAGA LIPA ARE to whatever you want exmple TAGA INDO ARE... the code actually
makes your IE put TAGA LIPA ARE on top of it. Then delete after u finish editing it.
The blog i made b4 there's how to delete it. On these coming days i'll dig it up so
i can tell you what it does and what it really crashes other than the autoplay thingy.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beware: autoplay on your Localdisks

Lets talk straight about this my professor (sir Shem) just told us last Tuesday he got this new virus that has an Autoplay on your localdisks when you right click it."TAGA LIPA ARE" if you click the Autoplay the virus will spread inside your localdisk and the Autoplay option will be in all options. I thought of being safe from viruses and ad aware and spyware. LoLz somewhat i've encountered it last year i just forgot what month but not that virus maybe a variant of what it is now. yesterday my uncle asked me if he can use my pc coz there pc broke down. I went to my Les Miserables practice in AUP. My other friends who are also linkers (VON ALLAN KUYA EDWARD) and i where talking about the new virus sir Shem and Jan had. After the practice was finished i went straight at home. To my dismay i have the same Autoplay on my Localdisk i was furious about it not knowing what to do. i asked my uncle if he used his flashdrive. He said yes and my next question was where did you inserted your flash before putting it on my pc he told me that he used it in EDUCATION BLDG. i was really frustrated and dont know what to do. i've changed my anti virus and spyware/adaware removers but nothing happened at all. so i decide to sleep. earlier this morning i woke up and tried to fix it. i saw a .vbs file on C: which made me think about it. fs6519.dll.vbs that's the file name i asked sir shem to what to do but he told me that i can do it. so i know it was sir shem's mind games and challenge so i figured it out if i could delete the autorun.inf and fs6519.dll.vbs on all your localdrives (by the way those 2 files are hidden)and also in registry(type cmd then type regedit) and find it (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run) when found delete it and disable it in the msconfig (fs6519 leave the checkbox unchecked). so i did it and i restarted my pc and to my delight it was ok... (you can use the normal mode or safe mode in doing the removal)... I hope this can help..

i havent blog yet about what happened to me... soon...