Sunday, December 10, 2006

Prison Break Marathon

As i was bored last thursday night i would like to sleep early but i was awakened when my cousin went to my place and told me something. (SECRET!!!) I advised him to what he should do. i didnt dictated him what to do but he was approving to what im saying. So i want to sleep but i cant and my thesis still keeps on bugging so i decided to program for a while since the wee hours of the mornings coming i decided to finish my day by watching something i downloaded (not smallville epi 9 not out though) PRISON BREAK... I said to myself i'll just watch 1 episode to my excitement to the series(45 mins per episode) i watched the other 5 episodes more. I looked at my watch and noticed it was already 4am. (hehehe) i stopped after the 6 episode and went to bed. The last thing i remembered b4 i totally went to sleep was i would like to put on my kumot but i cant i was so sleepy. luckiy i got my alarm at 6am. (my class was at 7:30) but to my dismay i got up at 6:30. i rushed to take a bath and went to school w/o eating. God bless.

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