Wednesday, December 20, 2006

gem wid 2 friends

last monday me close and chao met. hehehehehe. i placed their names in the dark for people not to judge them. LolZ... eventually later im gonna name them... It all started a few months back when chao (karenpaolo) ()LOLZ() told me too help her with reformatting her pc i was ok with that but she doesnt have drivers for her pc. we planned to meet up and bring her pc to SM to let the store(TCA <---- for advertisements)reformat the pc. i didnt have time so we waited for last monday and we're with close (abietotz aka banegra duh???) hehehe. we brought the pc in SM wid Angie (karentotz younger sister) hehehehehehe. but b4 that i almost forgot i got to meet Chan Mi's dog Baram... (is the dog's name spelled correctly??) i DONT like dogs i dont hate them but just dont like the idea... he barked at me... tasted me (huhuhuhuhu licked my foot) anyweiz... the pc was heavy... (my back eventuallty ached a lot after i got home) brought it to the store and asked them to reformat it and have a copy of its drivers. afterwards i thought wer headed back to karen's place but eventually we ate at a pizza parlor (PIZZA HUT<---- for advertisements ) and talked a little. i wanted to say something about the LAST DAY THINGY but i told myself its not time yet to tell them... (im gonna let them read this hehehehe)... as we finish eatting (btw karen brought their car and she's good driver Lolz) and wer gonna meet the next day. i met karen and abie at sm that afternoon. And we got her pc and ate at the pizza parlor...(you know) with her mom and tita?? (sori i dunno) and went to their place and as usual i met their barking dog (i was afraid i wasnt lookng at the dog's eyes) walked straight forward did my thing and talked and talked with karen abie and a little with angie... the dog was around but what i like (not really LIKE but like in his environment) if it see you normal it will be silent... hehehehe. we ate at karen's place that night and took photos. hehehehehe. me abie and karen. and soon me and abie went home. before i end this blog i would like to stress that i miss the good old days. (the highschool life(though not the love life thingy(LOLz))) i need to tell you guys what may happen soon... God bless. see ya around!!!

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