Tuesday, November 28, 2006

AUP Senior Class Presentation '06

November 24, 2006, the day 4th year graduating (hopefuls) students march at PIC to be presented to the student body and the AUP faculty and staff. I have class before 9 (start of the presentation) so i brought my polo to AUP. after the class i went to change and waited for my other co majors and as we go to PIC we saw other co majors laughing for no reson at all. We were almost late but luckily we got to the front in time. Jaja was my partner (hehehe). As i walk to the aisle i asked myself could i walk here again this march to graduate? i was nervous though happy (hehehe). As we sat down we were talking talking and talking (hehehe till) but when the speaker spoke i was kinda opted t listen coz his message was great. As the chapel service ended we went to Finster Chapel for election of officers (for graduating seniors). I saw my old room mates and friends from molave and we were inseprable. my co majors went home early maybe they're bored and not interested. It was a wonderful election. There were a lot of pops. hehehe especially when beautiful ladies were nominated. (hehehe) i remembered i was really popping when Jaja told Dan (Dan tingnan mo si GeM? "hehehe") anyweiz. The last 2 intermission of Mae (sori forgot her surname)
made the biggest Pops of the election and as she finished singing sir Esplana said "I dont know someone from AUP can be the next philippine Idol" (sori i dont watch Phil IdoL im into PDA) as i go to CS department (for my bag) it was close. So i went to apartment D to borrow sir shem's key but unfortunately he wasn't there but luckily sir win was there to lend me his key. I went back to CS dept but to my dismay it has 2 locks (the door) so i went out of library building and i saw sir shem coming i was so happy that i got my bag back It was a wonderful day. God bless!!!

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