Tuesday, December 26, 2006

year in review

a year in review... how was my year??? tough n sad at times but eventually made me stronger as days go by. lost some friends and love ones. ewan ko b... HITTERS january was fun oday's bday was a hit that month. february something changed perspective wise and helath wise march was grad's for my friends and love ones. april n may took summer classes and em's debut june was ok 4th year grad stud (hoping) july alone in putingkahoy em moved to home study prog. august broken friendship with someone. september my birthday and my mom's bday. october 1st sem ended dad's bday. november started 2nd sem. december??? somewhat happy and sad at the same time.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

gem wid 2 friends

last monday me close and chao met. hehehehehe. i placed their names in the dark for people not to judge them. LolZ... eventually later im gonna name them... It all started a few months back when chao (karenpaolo) ()LOLZ() told me too help her with reformatting her pc i was ok with that but she doesnt have drivers for her pc. we planned to meet up and bring her pc to SM to let the store(TCA <---- for advertisements)reformat the pc. i didnt have time so we waited for last monday and we're with close (abietotz aka banegra duh???) hehehe. we brought the pc in SM wid Angie (karentotz younger sister) hehehehehehe. but b4 that i almost forgot i got to meet Chan Mi's dog Baram... (is the dog's name spelled correctly??) i DONT like dogs i dont hate them but just dont like the idea... he barked at me... tasted me (huhuhuhuhu licked my foot) anyweiz... the pc was heavy... (my back eventuallty ached a lot after i got home) brought it to the store and asked them to reformat it and have a copy of its drivers. afterwards i thought wer headed back to karen's place but eventually we ate at a pizza parlor (PIZZA HUT<---- for advertisements ) and talked a little. i wanted to say something about the LAST DAY THINGY but i told myself its not time yet to tell them... (im gonna let them read this hehehehe)... as we finish eatting (btw karen brought their car and she's good driver Lolz) and wer gonna meet the next day. i met karen and abie at sm that afternoon. And we got her pc and ate at the pizza parlor...(you know) with her mom and tita?? (sori i dunno) and went to their place and as usual i met their barking dog (i was afraid i wasnt lookng at the dog's eyes) walked straight forward did my thing and talked and talked with karen abie and a little with angie... the dog was around but what i like (not really LIKE but like in his environment) if it see you normal it will be silent... hehehehe. we ate at karen's place that night and took photos. hehehehehe. me abie and karen. and soon me and abie went home. before i end this blog i would like to stress that i miss the good old days. (the highschool life(though not the love life thingy(LOLz))) i need to tell you guys what may happen soon... God bless. see ya around!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thesis Working Vacation

at last the classes ended (for a while)... I just got home(i'll be back to silang to get my things this sunday). Though its vacation one thing comes up to my mind. Its a "Thesis Working Vacation". Its time to give my all to our thesis im just waiting for furthermore instructions and i'll do my part and do my job... Programming... Earlier i was re configuring my pc for hehehehe... Im planning to be in a serious mode till my flight to somewhere else and go back here programming. hehehe. I'm excited and quite nervous about it. hehehe. I also got my friends cp numbers for questions about my program and programming itself. I wish i could give my best to this thesis of ours... it might give us blessings soon and payoffs... im ready... Let's get it on...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Prison Break Marathon

As i was bored last thursday night i would like to sleep early but i was awakened when my cousin went to my place and told me something. (SECRET!!!) I advised him to what he should do. i didnt dictated him what to do but he was approving to what im saying. So i want to sleep but i cant and my thesis still keeps on bugging so i decided to program for a while since the wee hours of the mornings coming i decided to finish my day by watching something i downloaded (not smallville epi 9 not out though) PRISON BREAK... I said to myself i'll just watch 1 episode to my excitement to the series(45 mins per episode) i watched the other 5 episodes more. I looked at my watch and noticed it was already 4am. (hehehe) i stopped after the 6 episode and went to bed. The last thing i remembered b4 i totally went to sleep was i would like to put on my kumot but i cant i was so sleepy. luckiy i got my alarm at 6am. (my class was at 7:30) but to my dismay i got up at 6:30. i rushed to take a bath and went to school w/o eating. God bless.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Smallville Marathon...

What a day it was... They declared that classes are suspended luckily im here at home though there's no rain yet (it will come bukas 5-6am). A few weeks back Rico (a friend of mine, alumnus of AUP COB-Info Manage) told me that he misses the Philippines for some reasons like the internet (smallville,lost,p*** downloading stuff tc) (he told me its too slow there in his place in INDO) us(his beloved friends) someone in the Name of T----y (euyyy hehehe) and etc. So i made fun of him telling him that i have my smart wifi connection in Silang (where i live during school days) and here back home in Imus (myGlobe DSL connection) i have also. So i started downloading Smallville Season6 episodes 1-7 (that time). I took a screenshot of it and emailed him. As usual he told me "YABANG NG PUGAY" which cracks me up the whole time he says it even in YM. I went back to aup and ask my sister to continue downloading and might benefit me soon. I downloaded the Season 6 epi 8 (which has batista) and copied it to my flash and brought it home yesterday after i finished my confinement hospital . And earlier i watched it with my sister(though she's not a fan of english based series). We had all day watching it. LANA's pregnant good grief. CK still is fine i really would like him to capture the escapees of Phantom something (sorry forgot) so he could train with his father. Nice work soon i'll wait for Season 6 epi 9 and download it. hehehe

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

AUP Senior Class Presentation '06

November 24, 2006, the day 4th year graduating (hopefuls) students march at PIC to be presented to the student body and the AUP faculty and staff. I have class before 9 (start of the presentation) so i brought my polo to AUP. after the class i went to change and waited for my other co majors and as we go to PIC we saw other co majors laughing for no reson at all. We were almost late but luckily we got to the front in time. Jaja was my partner (hehehe). As i walk to the aisle i asked myself could i walk here again this march to graduate? i was nervous though happy (hehehe). As we sat down we were talking talking and talking (hehehe till) but when the speaker spoke i was kinda opted t listen coz his message was great. As the chapel service ended we went to Finster Chapel for election of officers (for graduating seniors). I saw my old room mates and friends from molave and we were inseprable. my co majors went home early maybe they're bored and not interested. It was a wonderful election. There were a lot of pops. hehehe especially when beautiful ladies were nominated. (hehehe) i remembered i was really popping when Jaja told Dan (Dan tingnan mo si GeM? "hehehe") anyweiz. The last 2 intermission of Mae (sori forgot her surname)
made the biggest Pops of the election and as she finished singing sir Esplana said "I dont know someone from AUP can be the next philippine Idol" (sori i dont watch Phil IdoL im into PDA) as i go to CS department (for my bag) it was close. So i went to apartment D to borrow sir shem's key but unfortunately he wasn't there but luckily sir win was there to lend me his key. I went back to CS dept but to my dismay it has 2 locks (the door) so i went out of library building and i saw sir shem coming i was so happy that i got my bag back It was a wonderful day. God bless!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

character or reputation.